The Art of Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue in France

Introduction to The Art of Choosing The Perfect Venue in France

Oh, la la, are you ready to pick the setting of your dream wedding? France is practically bursting with fabulous venues! From vineyards that speak to your soul to châteaux straight out of a fairy tale, there’s a backdrop here for every love story. We know, making a choice can be difficult so here are some tips from our team of wedding pros. Let’s find that magical place in France that will make your heart sing!

Criteria for Selecting the Perfect French Wedding Venue


Accessibility is crucial when planning a destination wedding as most of your guests will be flying in to join your celebration. It’s crucial to think about how close your venue is to various transportation hubs. Remember to check 

  • Proximity to international and local airports 
  • Proximity to train stations.
  • If there is public transportation 
  • Cab and taxi availability

Keep in mind that many small French towns, while exceedingly charming, may require renting a car to fully explore local attractions


Whether you’re planning a lavish celebration or a more intimate affair, there’s a French venue for every budget. 

But remember, the venue is just one piece of the puzzle. Don’t overlook other costs like décor, catering, and those unique touches that make your wedding unique. A wedding planner can help you establish a comprehensive budget, ensuring you allocate resources wisely and don’t overspend on just the venue.

Style and Atmosphere

France is like a buffet of stunning aesthetics. From the tranquil Provence countryside to the sparkle of Parisian ballrooms or the sun-kissed Riviera. What’s your favourite? 

Our Wedding Collections are continually growing. At the moment, you can have a look at our Provence and Riviera partner venues, with a selection of venues to choose from. We hope you’ll find your perfect match !

Amenities and Inclusions

Let’s be real; French venues aren’t typically all-in-one deals. That’s why we’ve created the Kiss & Toast Wedding Collections! They leave room for personalisation and offer expert planning advice from a professional wedding planner, ensuring everything meets your standards. 

Common Pitfalls to Avoid when Looking at Destination Wedding Venue

Overlooking the Fine Print

Contracts can be tricky. Don’t skip the details! Make sure everything aligns with your vision (ie. A contract stating no music outside when you were planning to have an amazing jazz band play during cocktail hours) and clarify any uncertainties before signing.

Disregarding Local Weather

Weather can be fickle, even in sunny Provence. So, make sure you have a backup plan. Make sure your venue has a solution for plan B or allow room for a marquee rental in your budget if you need to provide one.

Ignoring Guest Comfort

You may fall in love with a remote vineyard or mountaintop castle, but this picture-perfect venues might be remote. Consider your guests’ comfort with accessible locations that have nearby accommodation, and if your heart is set on that remote venue (I hear you it’s stunning) maybe consider providing a shuttle services to and from the venue.

Spotlight on our Partner Venues

Planning a destination wedding is an adventure for sure and selecting your dream wedding venue in France may require meticulous planning but the reward is a memorable celebration in one of the world’s most romantic destinations ! 

Now that you’re all set to choose a venue that matches your dream, why not take a moment to explore our curated Wedding Collections and discover venues that offer charm, elegance, and that little sprinkle of French magic in our Venues & Collection section ?

We look forward to hearing all about your wedding plans ! The contact page is here for you if you want to reach out. 

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