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Stepping into your French wedding journey with Kiss & Toast means embarking on an adventure filled with joy, elegance, and unparalleled ease. Our Wedding Collections have been thoughtfully put together to ensure that your special day is not only about saying “I do” in a stunning French locale but also about enjoying a seamless and deeply personal celebration. Every collection is a canvas awaiting your personal touch, ensuring your wedding reflects your unique style and love story.

We understand the significance of this day, and with our dedicated planners and handpicked local vendors, we promise meticulous attention to every detail, from the floral arrangements to the timing of each toast. This dedication allows you to immerse yourself fully in the beauty and emotion of your celebration, free from the hassle of coordination.

Our partnerships with enchanting venues across France and seasoned travel planners weave memorable experiences around your wedding, ensuring every moment is delightful and stress-free. Beyond our beloved Wedding Collections, we offer specialized wedding planning, bespoke floral designs, and professional photography services. Whether you’re dreaming of a lavish ceremony or an intimate gathering, our additional services are tailored to create everlasting memories and capture each moment beautifully. Our aim is to always ensures that every moment of your wedding journey with Kiss & Toast is as delightful and stress-free as possible.

In essence, Kiss & Toast is more than a wedding planning service; it’s your partner in weaving the wedding of your dreams, ensuring every chapter of your love story is celebrated with joy, authenticity, and a sprinkle of French elegance.

Service overview

our Destination Wedding collections

Destination wedding Collection. French Château wedding in France dinner wedding setup

You May Kiss Collection

Embark on your matrimonial journey with our You May Kiss Collection, where essential vendors, a chic selection of rentals and an air of effortless sophistication come together. This collection is ideal for the couple who cherishes simplicity and joy, offering a foundational suite of services perfect for crafting a day of understated elegance.

Destination wedding Collection. French Château wedding in France couple photos

Let's Toast Collection

Amplify your festivity with our Let’s Toast Collection, where variety meets vibrancy. With an expanded assortment of refined rentals and services, this collection gives you the liberty to craft a celebration rich in personal flair. It’s designed for those who envision a day filled with distinctive touches that celebrate the unique tapestry of their love story.

Destination wedding Collection. French Château wedding venue in France stationery details

Kiss & Toast Collection

Experience the epitome of bespoke service with our Kiss & Toast Collection. Comprehensive and curated, this package includes our widest range of services and rentals, ensuring each aspect of your day is a reflection of your personal taste and style. It’s our most inclusive collection, perfect for the couple that wants the quintessential Kiss & Toast experience, complete with planning, floral finesse, and photography that tells your love story through every snapshot.


Our curated collections are a response to your desire for streamlined yet personalised planning. They accommodate varying styles, preferences, and budgets. Thanks to our uncompromising attention to detail, each collection enables you to infuse your wedding with your unique vision, cementing it as a cherished collection of timeless memories.

Extraordinary Vendors

Within the Kiss & Toast family, we’ve cultivated a team of extraordinary individuals; a symphony of talent that ensures every aspect of your wedding echoes the essence of our shared vision: joyful authenticity Our collective is brimming with vibrancy and innovation, bringing a fresh take on time-honored tradition.
The Kiss & Toast team embodies the spirit of a family gathering—each member dedicated to creating an atmosphere where joy is palpable, memories are effortlessly crafted, and every detail, no matter how minute, is steeped in authenticity.


At Kiss & Toast, we have partnered with venues that are true partners in creating the canvas for your celebration. Each location we collaborate with is carefully chosen to complement our Wedding Collections and Services, providing a harmonious blend of scenic beauty and impeccable service.

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Kiss & Toast

Welcome Lovers, 

I am Marie-Laure, the passionated soul behind Kiss & Toast.

Since 2014, I’ve been planning destination wedding for international couples, fueled by an undying love for wanderlust, the vibrant cultures of France and Italy, and the magical stories of couples like you. Kiss & Toast is born from years of listening to what couples truly desire: a sanctuary where planning your destination wedding is an effortless, joy-filled journey.

If you’ve ventured this far, thank you for reading!

I look forward to collaborating with you in creating a wedding that is elegant, authentic, and brimming with memories that you’ll hold dear forever.

With love,

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Flawless destination wedding planning

Focus on what is important and let a team of trusted wedding professionals take care of the rest !

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