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Venturing abroad for your nuptials is simultaneously thrilling and a bit overwhelming. With our deep-rooted expertise in orchestrating weddings for international couples, we at Kiss & Toast comprehend that what you yearn for is a streamlined, yet delightful, planning process that lets you savor the full beauty of a destination wedding—sans logistical nightmares.

It’s with this insight that we’ve designed our Wedding Collections: meticulously curated wedding plans coupled with immersive experiences for couples seeking both authenticity and elegance in their French matrimonial celebrations.

Our Wedding Collections encapsulate every nuance of your wedding journey. They offer not just a well-articulated plan but also the invaluable experience of a dedicated wedding planner who ensures every minute detail is perfectly crafted and executed by our esteemed local vendors. Customization isn’t just an option; it’s the cornerstone of our service, allowing you to shape your collection to resonate with your unique aesthetic and wishes. While you relish the magic of the day, we manage the mechanics.

To elevate your experience to an even higher plane of seamless perfection, we’ve built strategic alliances with carefully chosen venues that honor our commitment to your satisfaction. In addition, we collaborate with travel planners who focus on all aspects beyond the wedding ceremony and reception. Rest assured, Kiss & Toast is your trusted companion for everything wedding-centric.

Service overview

our Destination Wedding collections

Destination wedding Collection. French Château wedding in France dinner wedding setup

You May Kiss Collection

Embark on your matrimonial journey with our You May Kiss Collection. This package sets the stage with indispensable vendors and a curated selection of chic yet understated furnishings, cultivating an ambience of refined authenticity. It’s your idyllic wedding day actualised, characterised by joy and simplicity at each juncture.

Destination wedding Collection. French Château wedding in France couple photos

Let's Toast Collection

Amplify your festivity with our Let’s Toast Collection. This upgraded package broadens your selection palette with an extensive array of refined furnishings, granting you the freedom to manifest an exceptionally personalised and indelible wedding celebration. Here, meticulous attention to detail and individualised flourishes coalesce to form a celebration that mirrors the distinctiveness of your love story.

Destination wedding Collection. French Château wedding venue in France stationery details

Kiss & Toast Collection

Experience the epitome of bespoke service with our Kiss & Toast Collection. Every element and every moment is painstakingly orchestrated to ensure your wedding day not only reflects your distinct style but also emanates genuine authenticity.

Amazing Venues

In keeping with our ethos of crafting authentic yet elegant nuptial experiences, Kiss & Toast partners with some of France’s most awe-inspiring venues. Each venue is not just a stunning backdrop for your dream wedding but also integrates seamlessly with our Wedding Collections, tailoring an experience that truly echoes your distinct love narrative.

Extraordinary Vendors

Over years of working in the wedding industry, we have meticulously curated a team of vendors whose zeal matches ours. Our network, ranging from artistic florists to accomplished photographers, is laser-focused on converting your wedding dream into tangible, unforgettable moments.

curated collections

Our curated collections are a response to your desire for streamlined yet personalised planning. They accommodate varying styles, preferences, and budgets. Thanks to our uncompromising attention to detail, each collection enables you to infuse your wedding with your unique vision, cementing it as a cherished collection of timeless memories.

Flawless destination wedding planning

Focus on what is important and let a team of trusted wedding professionals take care of the rest !

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Seing a couple’s dream come true and a smile on their face is my greatest experience ! 


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