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The Perfect Wedding Timeline for your French Destination Wedding

Back to all Bonjour love birds, Got a proposal during the summer holidays? Congratulations! Now what? As the saying goes, first comes love, then comes marriage, and after that comes…a flurry of wedding planning tasks that may seem overwhelming at first glance. Don’t fret because today, we’re unveiling the ultimate guide to creating a seamless wedding timeline, featuring our curated ‘Kiss and Toast Destination Wedding Collections,’ and it’s especially tailored for those planning a destination wedding in France. Here’s a snapshot of the main steps: Set a date, and a region: These aren’t just calendar details; they set the stage for your entire celebration. Draft a guest list: Because love is best celebrated with your nearest and dearest. Create an

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The Art of Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue in France

Introduction to The Art of Choosing The Perfect Venue in France Oh, la la, are you ready to pick the setting of your dream wedding? France is practically bursting with fabulous venues! From vineyards that speak to your soul to châteaux straight out of a fairy tale, there’s a backdrop here for every love story. We know, making a choice can be difficult so here are some tips from our team of wedding pros. Let’s find that magical place in France that will make your heart sing! Criteria for Selecting the Perfect French Wedding Venue Accessibility Accessibility is crucial when planning a destination wedding as most of your guests will be flying in to join your celebration. It’s crucial to think

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